Emergency Assistance

Led Ladies provides one-time emergency rental assistance to women and their families whom currently reside in Baltimore City ONLY. We also make available 1-Hour Financial Wellness classes with MECU as well as Personal Development workshops sponsored by @Masterclass to provide free additional support. Please our calendar for upcoming events or email us for more information regarding those sessions. 

*Please use the below link to complete an application and submit all required documents. We ask that you allow 14-days of processing time.


Be sure to have the below Required Documents when completing your application

  • Application with the correct email for communication
  • Current Photo ID
  • Lease (First two pages and signature page)
  • Income for the past thirty days
  • Eviction Notice/ Late Notice (highlight Payable to and mailing address for payment)
  • Landlord information (can be a screenshot but should include, name, email address and/or phone number)
  • Any additional notes may be provided in further communication with us